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Express 3.0.0a is here

Apr 26, 2012 - Daniel Viklund

The Node.js module called express has now released its 3.0.0a version. For me, express is one of the packages that I always use in my node projects. It’s so easy to get up and running with it and there are tons of examples and tutorials (many outdated unfortunately) from where you can get answers and inspiration.


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Nodemon makes it easier

Apr 25, 2012 - Daniel Viklund

I have been playing around with Node.js on and off now for quite some time. And one thing that have bothered me is the simple fact that I had to restart the node server process every time I made the slightest changes to any server side code. Normally I would have given up much earlier and start looking for a way to get around it. But since I never really stuck with Node for any longer period of time, I never got to it.


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